Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

I have finally decided to join the blogging, el bloggo, bloggedy blog world. Not because most of my Journalist buddies have one, not because it's where most people spend their "free time" reading about other people's lives, but mainly because after much research  I have found a few great blogs out there for people living with chronic Auto-Immune Diseases. And unlike what most "normal, healthy" people may think, these are not depressing, cry-me-a-river blogs, but actually entertaining reading and sometimes very humourous pieces posted by many of these Superheroes.

Beautiful I miss you! Maybe one day; for now it's comfy, pillow-soled shoes.
 So you may ask: Why do we deserve to be called Superheroes? Well, anyone is a Superhero really; we all have our own powers that make us unique in this very replicated world. Our Superhero status though comes from the fact that we live daily with debilitating, chronic auto-immune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Living with something like RA is not easy, it's not fun and it is most certainly not trivial.

Being able to walk up three or five stairs, being able to get out of bed and get dressed for work or being able to go grocery shopping are our superpowers. They may sound like the simplest tasks, yet these tasks are what people living with RA struggle with on a daily basis. These are our milestones. Today I could get in and out of my car in a flash...with minimal pain! Trixie 1- 0 RA

Some of us develop even greater powers, such as running a marathon, climbing a mountain or my personal favourite and lifelong passion, DANCING! I danced before I could walk and sang before I could talk, according to my mother. So imagine my shock at being diagnosed with RA at the age of 16 and having to put an abrupt end to my 3 days a week dance classes. No more "breaking it down"...that phrase got a whole new meaning: me almost breaking something. Haha!

Fast-forward 4 years and I start on a biologic treatment called Humira. Humira is made from human stem cells and has been a miracle drug for many patients living with RA. And when I say miracle I don't mean that lightly. Thanks to Humira and of course a positive, never-give-in-to-the-RA-beast-attitude, many patients have been able to step up out of that wheelchair and walk, dance, socialise, work and live abundant lives again.

I should know because I am one of those"patients". Oh and we're not too comfortable with being called patients; Superheroes or Heroes would do just fine, thanks!

Fast-forward another 4 years and I'm on the dance-floor again! Major milestone, super superpower!! And I won a dance competition doing a Samba, ten days after being discharged from hospital because of a flare-up.
Trixie 2 - 0 RA! Woop Woop!! Celebration dance!
Me doing the Samba! Check those swollen,painful knees bringing it:)

This is RA Trix with with RA and overcoming the disease one day, one week, one month and one year at a time. I'll try my best to regularly post the best tricks to live happily with the chronic beast for all my fellow Rheumies!

Especially for my South African Rheumies suffering in the cold weather:
You know you have RA when...
You can predict the weather changing better than your TV weatherman just by the aches and pains in your joints:)

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  1. Lovely post Tracey McTraceyson! Excited to read this blog xx